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Clean - Stain Remover & Prewash
Clean - Stain Remover & Prewash

Clean - Stain Remover & Prewash

15 reviews

Só Clean - Stain Remover & Prewash uses powerful plant-based enzymes to safely remove stains from your clothing and fabrics.  For use on all stains including grass, blood, wine, sauces, cooking oil, grease, baby food and more!

Every product in the Só Clean line is made in Canada with plant-based ingredients that are safe to use for you, your loved ones and Mother Earth too.

One Size - 710 ml/24 oz

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How to Use

Follow garment care instructions on tag. Cover stain with Stain Remover. Rub product in to penetrate stain. Let stand for 1 - 5 minutes depending on severity of stain. Launder with Só Clean Powdered Laundry Soda at the warmest water temperature your fabric will allow.Washing Tip: Treat stains while fresh. When treating set-in or greasy stains, treat as above and let sit overnight before washing (but do not allow Stain Remover to dry on garment). May be added to wash load as a laundry aid. Add 30 - 60 ml in bleach dispenser (for front loading machines) or directly to wash loads (for top loading machines).

Do not use on silk, khaki, wool, fluorescent clothing, any fabric/surface that can be damaged by water or any fabrics labelled dry clean only.

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Christina S.
Canada Canada

Triplets Mamas Dream!!

This stain remove & pre wash is a triplet mamas dream!! One of my triplets puked all over his white kyte baby sleep sack (bright orange) and I didn’t even get to it right away and it all came out!! You wouldn’t even know! I wish I took before and after a!! FREAKING AMAZING!!

Annie S.
Canada Canada

more than amazing

Over the Xmas holidays My son spilled my glass of red wine and it splashed all over my nice new white silk shirt :( After weeks of it sitting on my laundry counter because I didn’t have the energy to try and fight the stain I found the so stain remover at a local shop and decided to give it a try. OMG with almost no effort at all the stain disappeared before my eyes, no smelly chemicals and didn’t make my skin burn like most do. I honestly thought my shirt was ruined for life but this product saved the day. I can honestly say this item is my new must have cleaning product. I actually rate it 100+ stars. I included photos to this post but multiply this stain by about 10 all over my shirt. Thank you for saving my shirt Everyone needs this item :)

Só Luxury  ReviewSó Luxury  ReviewSó Luxury  Review
Canada Canada

Stain wash remover

AMAZING took the grease/gas right out of my spouses lunch kit. Turned brand new.

Só Luxury  ReviewSó Luxury  ReviewSó Luxury  ReviewSó Luxury  Review

Só Luxury

Thank you Só much for these INCREDIBLE before and after photos! Fantastic results!

Natasha G.
Canada Canada

Stain Remover

This stain remover is seriously bomb! It’s gotten out old oil stains from sweaters and tops, my infants clothes don’t have blow out stains and I haven’t seen a single piece of clothing discoloured from the spray. I just follow the instructions and bam everything comes out perfect. I’ve been looking all over for a stain remover for years that is non toxic. This is the one to be had for sure!!

Canada Canada

Home Run!!

So last night I was handing my husband a MIGHTY large glass of red wine and it spilled ALL OVER our bed. I’m talking ****** scene on the pillows, duvet, sheets. I applied the pre wash/stain remover, gave everything a wash in the washing machine, and LIKE FREAKING MAGIC there is not a single sign of or hint or shadow left on anything at all. Another HOME RUN you guys!!!

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