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Clean - Citrus Dish Capsules (Case of 12)
Clean - Citrus Dish Capsules (Case of 12)

Clean - Citrus Dish Capsules (Case of 12)


Só Clean - Citrus Dish Capsules are easy to use and can tackle even your dirtiest and greasiest dishes naturally Só you can focus on more important things, like that book you’ve been meaning to finish! Biodegradable, septic tank and grey water safe, phosphate and dye free, these citrus dish capsules use mineral and plant-based cleansing agents and are prepacked into single use capsules that you can just set and forget. 

Every product in the Só Clean line is made in Canada with mineral and plant-based ingredients that are safe to use for you, your loved ones and Mother Earth too.

One Size – 600 g/1.32 lb (30 Capsules)
MSRP $18

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Directions: Ensure all items are dishwasher safe and follow the dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions before use. Place capsule in detergent dispenser and close the lid before starting the wash cycle. Do not puncture or open the capsule in advance as it will dissolve once the wash cycle starts. Do not handle this product with wet hands and be sure to reseal the bag after each use to keep moisture out."]

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greywater safe
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made in canada
septic safe
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