Ultimate Sóak Bundle
Ultimate Sóak Bundle
Ultimate Sóak Bundle
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Ultimate Sóak Bundle

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We call this the Ultimate Sóak Bundle for a reason, you'll sleep like a baby and come out of the bath feeling as smooth as one!  Our Magnesium Flakes and Epsom Salts are the Ultimate relaxation combo for sore achy muscles and the Coco Cream Sóak takes your experience to the next level with both it's scent and luxurious silky hydration.
Our Ultimate Sóak Bundle includes:
  • Coco Cream Sóak Mór (Big) 400g (value $34)
  • Flaky 600g (value $22)
  • Salty 800g (value $22) in one of our three current scents:
Bergamot Vanilla (previously Neu Skin Botanicals The Gentleman)- 800g
Patchouli Lemon (previously Neu Skin Botanicals The Seafarer) - 800g
Coco Mint (previously Neu Skin Botanicals Snoconut) - 800g
Lavender Lemongrass - 800g


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